My Fabric8 VM is running out of diskspace!

The default Ubuntu image has a dynamically sized 40 GB harddrive. You may find that if you are working with Docker images, that this space fills up quickly. Before you start download the GParted iso. 1. Resize the vmdk file VirtualBox cannot resize a vmdk file. Instead you will need to change over to use the vdi format, then resize (to 100 GB) and finally create vmdk formatted clone of this. Make…

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testing For joy API Management on Kubernetes I just returned from the London http://www.infoq.com/news/2015/06/redhat-microservices-london|Developer Day…

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Getting started with Fabric8 and OpenShift v3 on OSX

The full fabric8 docs can be found here. Here I took the relavant sections applicable to running on OSX, and I added some notes. OpenShift v3 relies on Docker for its container management. OSX does not support Docker natively. The recommended way is to use vagrant to create a VM with the correct Docker configuration. 1. Prerequisites Install whatever the newest version is of the following: Docker…

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