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Fresh Espresso & Open Source Cloud

I have a passion for all things open source. I live in Ipswich MA and work for Red Hat, on the fabric8 project. Fabric8 is a cloud micro-services platform so you can deploy your applications to an all open source cloud. I kayak on the Atlantic Ocean along the coastal North East from Massachusetts to Maine whenever I can.

How to deploy the fabric8 console on docker

The fabric8 console is written in docker and the source lives on github at: To package the console up as a docker container first run

gulp site

and then to create and deploy the docker container use

docker build -t fabric8/fabric8-console:<version> .

where <version> is the version you want it to have in your docker repository.

Now you are ready to docker kill a running console and fabric8 will fire up the new one (given that you picked the same version as was running before). Off course you can always start one yourself using docker run. Note that during development you probably simple want to use gulp to run it right from the source tree.



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