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Fresh Espresso & Open Source Cloud

I have a passion for all things open source. I live in Ipswich MA and work for Red Hat, on the fabric8 project. Fabric8 is a cloud micro-services platform so you can deploy your applications to an all open source cloud. I kayak on the Atlantic Ocean along the coastal North East from Massachusetts to Maine whenever I can.

Fabric8 Developer cheat sheet

A running list of commands and utilities to move around the fabric

1. Docker

  • Log into a running docker container

docker exec -it CONTAINER_NAME /bin/bash
  • See the log for a docker container

docker logs -f CONTAINER_NAME
  • Get some live stats for on all your containers

docker stats $(docker ps -q)

2. Maven & Fabric8

The following commands use the Maven Fabric8 Plugin

  • Create a Docker image of your application

mvn clean install -Pdocker-build
  • Start a new container on fabric8

mvn fabric8:apply -Dfabric8.recreate=true -Ddocker-build

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Kurt Stam


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