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I have a passion for all things open source. I live in Ipswich MA and work for Red Hat, on the fabric8 project. Fabric8 is a cloud micro-services platform so you can deploy your applications to an all open source cloud. I kayak on the Atlantic Ocean along the coastal North East from Massachusetts to Maine whenever I can.

Minimal Centos 7 Image for RaspberryPi2

Centos added the ARM 7 build to their release train.


To download the Centos 7 minimal image for Raspberry Pi 2 go to

and scroll down to the 'AltArch Releases' and select the armhfp (Arm32) for RaspberryPi2.


On my OSX box I issue:

sudo dd bs=1m if=CentOS-Userland-7-armv7hl-Minimal-1511-RaspberryPi2.img of=/dev/disk2

Double check that your SD Card reader is at /dev/disk2 or you’ll be sorry..

First login

I had some trouble finding the default login credentials but I finally found the documentation here:

with default creds root/centos

Use the entire SD Card

By default the partition uses only 2GB. To make enlarge it use

touch /.rootfs-repartition
systemctl reboot

Add Docker?

Sadly the Docker rpm is not available yet.

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