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Fresh Espresso & Open Source Cloud

I have a passion for all things open source. I live in Ipswich MA and work for Red Hat, on the fabric8 project. Fabric8 is a cloud micro-services platform so you can deploy your applications to an all open source cloud. I kayak on the Atlantic Ocean along the coastal North East from Massachusetts to Maine whenever I can.

Service Discovery Proposal on Kubernetes

Yay! Good news for Apiman on Kubernetes. My first official contribution to Kubernetes was just merged in. The proposal speaks to using Kubernetes Service Annotations to determine endpoint information about a service API including a reference to a description document of the API. Some thing I’ve learned is that the namespace part of the annotation name should describe the structure, and the name itself goes to the right of the slash. I think that’s pretty elegant. Naming things really is the hardest part of our job..

Here is an exampe fragment taken from the Fabric8 quickstarts.

"objects" : [ {
  "apiVersion" : "v1",
  "kind" : "Service",
  "metadata" : {
    "annotations" : {
      "" : "REST",
      "" "http",
      "" : "cxfcdi",
      "" : "cxfcdi/swagger.json",
      "" : "SwaggerJSON"

Hopefully service developers will start using this new standardized convention. Using the annotations will make it a snap to import your service API into an API management tool like Apiman. Now I have to update the Fabric8 docs.



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